With know-how and passion

What we have in common is the passion to work with you to bring your company into a sustainable form. We purposefully tackle whatever has to be redesigned, remodelled or redone.

As a specialized consulting company, we are entrepreneurial-minded and put functional, industrial and methodical competence in the management of programmes and projects.
Our team has an entrepreneurial thinking and steers the business case for our customers – not our own.

That´s our interpretation of “management consultancy”.

The consulting model of GREIFZU ASSOCIATES is an integrated model for management consulting from the strategical idea, the consulting method for acquisition objects up to realization.

Consulting Segments

Corporate Strategy

Operations & Implementation

Investment Advisory & M&A


Owner / C-Level orientated consulting about performance improvement and Changes of target business & operating model and supervisionof Start-ups along their growth phases.

Managing of large transformation projects (e.g. merger integration, sourcing, platform change) or mission critical projects.

Identify investment opportunities for investors, consulting for strategic investment processes.

Your success entitles us

We differ from pure implementation consultants because we start with analysis, strategy, modelling and business cases. Then, working with you, we jointly set your company on the right course.

We differ from pure strategic consultants because we draw up feasible concepts, and we purposefully manage the implementation planning and realization for you, until success has been achieved.

Measure us by your success!