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GREIFZU ASSOCIATES management consultants GmbH is an established consulting boutique with well experienced, seasoned professionals for the financial industry located in Germany and Switzerland.

We manage complex and large-scale transformation projects for the leading German and European financial services providers. To this end, business models and operating models have to be intelligently transformed for future challenges.The right strategy and a smart and successful realization are essential.That includes topics like digitalization, modern IT system platforms and value added chains and the response to sourcing questions and internationalization strategies.

We stand for an implementation-oriented consulting and corporate culture and pragmatic solutions.


Take the robot out of the human

A relatively new ‘concept’ that promises improvement to the legacy world is
Robotic Process Automation (RPA).
Why? Because RPA is the next step in the evolution of business processes (re-engineering) since it significantly reduces the need to perform routine, rule-based, high-volume activities - fast and cost-efficient!


The competences

speak in our favor

We combine know-how from the financial services and technology sectors for our consulting segments.

Success stories

Our references

Within our project work we strongly emphasize cooperative and fair-minded teamwork.

Your partner for a target-oriented realization

Do you want to redesign your company and fit it into the challenges of your markets?

We support you on this way in various functions as

  • Sparring partner: Together with you, we will further develop the strategy of your company,
  • Analyst: We check the status quo of the business and operating model as position-fixing,
  • Designer: We develop initiatives with you to further develop value for business  and operating models,
  • Manager: The right initiatives often fail in practical implementation. Not with us. Together we steer the realization: competent - experienced - successful.

That way, we help you to establish the favoured future of your company.

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